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This is all the music that we have officially released. Click the name and you shall be brought to the Bandcamp page for that album.

Full Lengths

Small Talk

April 9, 2013
We are very proud of this one. The booklet artwork is very cool (done by the illustrious illustrator JJ Hameister).




November 2, 2013
Okay so this is actually Adam’s side project, (Person) (Noun), but Adam is the webmaster and Adam does what Adam wants. In this case Adam wanted to release a folk punk record about death. It is a jolly good time.


Carbon Footprint

June 14, 2011
Songs about immigration and streets and birthdays! Fun times.

Carbon Footprint


Burning Up

April 29, 2008
Someone once said about this album: “For a blatant Bright Eyes rip off, you could do a lot worse.”

Burning Up


Sister City // Uncle/Father Oscar

January 27, 2015
A couple new songs to start 2015 off right with our friends in a great band. The recording debut of John Gamble.


The Clark EP

December 18, 2008
This was a cool opportunity to do something different. Adam scored these 3 songs and a professional string quartet (QX) played them. At the time they said these were “cool tunes.” That’s a pretty polite way of saying “ehhhhh.” It’s cool, QX, Adam writes much better songs now. Still. Cool little exercise.



August 6, 2008
We did a quick EP after “Burning Up,” some of the songs predated the album, some came after it. This was the first official release as Sister City. It is taking a lot of restraint on Adam’s part not to bash it, but honestly the songs are fine.


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